Webmasters - Put Jigsaw Puzzles on your website or blog

We currently have 3 methods available free of charge to webmasters who would like to use JigsawSite.com puzzles on their websites or blogs. All link code and download options are available below each jigsaw puzzle on the page where it is displayed.

  1. Link to the puzzle on this website

    You can copy and paste the HTML code to link directly to the puzzle page, optionally with a clickable thumbnail preview.
  2. Embed the puzzle (hotlinked) into your website or blog

    We host the jigsaw puzzle but it appears in your webpage. Please only use this method to place one puzzle per webpage on your website to help preserve our bandwidth.
  3. Embed the puzzle (hosted by you) into your website or blog

    You can download the puzzle, together with a thumbnail preview which you can then upload to your website and embed into your webpage or blog with the HTML code provided. This is the most technical option but is recommended for high traffic websites or sites wanting to include several jigsaw puzzles per page.

    Please limit your downloads to 30 jigsaw puzzles per site or less to conserve our resources.